Saturday, July 5, 2014

Raffle and Workshops

This is one wall of items in the raffle room.  Tables covered with raffle items lined all four walls of this room. Sondra Leeds did a wonderful job of organizing the raffle.  There were so many amazing items to win!  Convention attendees could purchase tickets and then place their tickets in the bags next to the items they most coveted.

Lori Lawson gave Sondra a break from selling tickets.  Here is Lori visiting with Sharon Yarter.

The drawing for the raffle items was held on Saturday afternoon.  The dozen or so bags with the most tickets were pulled out and those drawings took place at the Saturday evening banquet.  I was thrilled to win a box of Easter paper doll greeting cards in the raffle.  Here are two of the cards.  The bottom one was done by Queen Holden.  If you click on the picture to enlarge it you will see her initials down by the little girl's shoes.  The lid of the hatbox opens with a flap and the hats are supposed to go inside.

Jan Mckay shared some lovely paper dolls from her collection in her presentation on handmade paper dolls.   Here Jan shows some tiny handmade envelopes, which housed some tiny handmade paper dolls. 

Patti Fertel gave a fun and informative program called "Department Store Paper Dolls." Patti is a wealth of information and is always willing to share and educate the rest of us.  Thanks, Patti!

Linda Ocasio entertained us with her personal story of how she came to be a paper doll collector. She told us about the kinds of things she collected in the beginning and what happened along the way to influence what she collects today.  I always enjoy hearing a person's paper doll "story" so thanks to Linda for sharing hers.

David Wolfe gave a fascinating program on fashion.  He explained how fashion has been influenced in the past and how he came to be what's known as a "fashion forecaster."  What does David think about present fashion?  He calls what's going on in the current world of fashion, "The Age of Fracture."  And yes, his socks are orange :-).

Sylvia Kleindinst gave a workshop on "Articulated Paper Dolls."  Here is Eileen Rudisill Miller with her finished product! (Photo Courtesy Eileen R. Miller)
In between workshops Ron and I take a moment to pose with our red purses.  I wonder what he carries in that thing? 

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