Saturday, July 5, 2014

Salesroom Day--Friday

Debbie Spangler is shopping at Carol Sullivan's sales booth. Carol always has some marvelous things for sale.
This was my purchase from Carol Sullivan.  It is "Diane and Daphne: The Roundabout Dolls."  Published by McLoughlin Brothers, 1933.  I have a cut set of these dolls.  This is one of those sets that I could just buy over and over.  These dolls were used over and over in many various books and boxed sets.  Betty Campbell did the artwork. 

 Peggy Ell appears to be enjoying herself at her sales booth. Peggy shared a booth with Mary Young. 


Mary discusses a paper doll with a possible buyer.  I think Mary and I like the same kinds of paper dolls. 

Sylvia Kleindinst is enjoying her time in the sales room.  Sylvia is always so supportive of everyone!

Eileen Rudisill Miller had some lovely things for sale.  I purchased her set of Barbra Streisand in Funny Girl

I also purchased this Anne of Green Gables set from Eileen Rudisill Miller.   I think this is the prettiest Anne of Green Gables paper doll I've ever seen. 

Carolyn Thompson makes a sale!  I bought several things from her as well.  

I'm sure that Mary Longo and Ralph Hodgdon are having a very very deep religious, political and philosophical discussion :-).

This year there were two salesrooms.  This was the second salesroom.  Cheryl Jaeger's booth is pictured in front.  You can see Jan McKay and Cheryl manning the booth. 

Lori Lawson is cutting out a paper doll she just purchased, while Lone Nunally sells a paper doll purse to Paula Sherrick.  Lone explained that she had only used the purse once!! 

I purchased this Valentine paper doll from Louise Leek.   I love this kind of stuff!  I also purchased a paper doll greeting card from Louise with artwork by Charlot Byj. 

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