Saturday, July 5, 2014

Thursday Banquet / Artist's Gallery / Special Exhibits

 Mary with her wonderful collection of tin dishes from the Ohio Art Company. 
Ron Fong was in charge of the Dress-a-doll.  Here is Ron with Margaret Brown who was the lucky winner.  All of the participants' names were entered in a drawing and Margaret's name was drawn.  She got to take the entire dress-a-doll display home with her.  Participants created costumes for the doll Margaret is holding, which was designed by Eileen Rudisill Miller.

Here I am with some of my paper doll art on Thursday evening at the Artists Gallery. Thanks to Sylvia Kleindinst for organizing the Artists Gallery and Special Exhibits.

Some of my table mates at the Thursday evening banquet.  The three ladies on the left are all sisters and came to the convention together.  The other lady is Mary Longo. 

Several individuals were give Fanny Gray awards at this year's convention.  Jayne Keller was one of the well-deserving individuals who received an award.  Jayne has contributed to the hobby of paper doll collecting in so many ways over the years.  She's donated her own artwork, been a judge at many of the convention competitions, shared her personal collection through displays, educated others through various programs, and has hosted a paper doll party in her area for many years. I'm sure she's done many other things that I'm not aware of.  Congrats to Jayne!

Jean Sullivan was also honored with a Fanny Gray award because of her many years of service to the paper doll community.  Jean has been in charge of numerous convention competitions.  She has also hosted a regional paper doll party at her home for many years.   Jean was unable to make the it to the convention, but we want to congratulate her on her award as well.  Congrats to Jean!

Ralph Hodgdon was honored with a John Axe award.  Ralph has attended many conventions and has always been gracious enough to host a program called "Drawing with Ralph," in which he draws on demand, based on suggestions and ideas from his audience.  The finished products are then put in a raffle and given away to lucky attendees.  Many convention attendees collect Ralph's art and he is best known for his extensive sets of Gone with the Wind paper dolls.  Congrats to Ralph! 

Here are two of my favorite souvenirs which we received at the Thursday evening banquet.  They are, "Children of the Old South" by Karen Reilly, and "The Gibson Girl," by Eileen Rudisill Miller. 

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