Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Saturday Night Banquet

Here are some of my table-mates at the Saturday night banquet.
Mary Young and Peggy Ell at the Saturday night banquet.  It was "dress as your favorite paper doll" night and Peggy came dressed as artist Frieda Kahlo.
(Photo courtesy Valerie Keller)
More "dress as your favorite paper doll contestants."  Debbie Spangler (Ouiser) Sharon Yarter & Anne Donze ( both Betsy McCalls), Jane Rasor, and Peggy Ell ( Frieda Kahlo). 

                                       Betsy McCall and her friend, Ron Fong, after the banquet.
Another happy table of paper dollers:  Elaine Price, Jan McKay, Cheryl Jaeger, Laura Kushing Kidney, Sam McKay, Dee Radcliffe,  Cynthia Musser, Carol Carey, and Patti Fertel. 
Karen Hunter received a "People's Choice" Award for her fabulous Downton Abbey set, which also won a blue ribbon in the competion held earlier that day.  The set is pictured above.
Jan McKay received both a "Judges Award" AND a "People's Choice award.  Here is Jan with her rare and unusual entry, an 1810 Man/Woman Layover. 

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