Saturday, July 5, 2014

Welcome to my blog covering the International Paper Doll Convention held in Richmond, Virginia June 25-29.  The convention was held at the Four Points Sheraton Hotel.  Pat O'Rourke and her crew did a fabulous job planning and a great time was had by all.  Obviously I don't have pictures of everything and I wasn't able to cover every aspect of the convention.  If I don't have a picture of you, or something important you were involved in, I apologize.  I tried to tell my story using the pictures that I had.  I hope you will enjoy it!
For my cover post I'm using "The Gibson Girl" by Eileen Rudisill Miller.  The paper doll features Irene Langhorne, a beautiful Richmond debutante who married  pen & ink illustrator, Charlies Gibson. 

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  1. I think your photo of me (with Ralph) is the only one I've ever seen on the 'net, and I've searched a lot. Missed you at the Philly pd con. I was hoping for some more religious chat LOL. No, Really! -- Mary L